Rottweiler Puppy Urinating When Scolded or Excited?

At times, during puppy-hood you may notice your Rottweiler puppy leave a puddle of urine upon being greeted by you. This is known as excitement urination and is the pup’s way to simply say: ”I am so excited to see you!”. If your puppy urinates upon being greeted after you have been out for some time, try your best to make greeting low-key, no looking at your pup, talking to him, or touching him for the first five minutes, just go about your errands. Then take your puppy outside and after he goes potty, praise and say hello without much fuss. Make it a habit to come home, run your errands and call your puppy straight outside so he can go potty, and if you wish, you can finally greet your puppy outdoors.

Another good way to re-direct your pup’s mind set about acting excitingly towards guests at the door, is to have the guests ignore your puppy (no eye contact, no talking, no petting) and casually drop a few treats on the floor. This should redirect your pup’s attention to the treats turning his enthusiasm down a notch. After calming down, your puppy may feel less compelled to sprinkle and the best part is that this exercise will also confirm in his mind that ”good things happen” when guests come over!

If your puppy urinates upon being scolded, you may be dealing with “submissive urination“. Your Rottweiler puppy is basically trying to say “”I respect you please don’t hurt me.” To tackle this problem, try to be less intimidating. Your puppy is literally telling you to act a bit more subdued as you are appearing intimidating. Puppies, even belonging to a breed like the Rottweiler, do best with positive reinforcement training: a training method that rewards desired behaviors.

Despite what you may have heard, it’s untrue that certain dog breeds need a heavier hand.  Canine behaviorist and author Nicole Wilde says  And the good news is that with gentle methods, puppies overgrow this problem as they build confidence and grow up. The ones that do continue exhibiting this behavior as adults, are often sadly, dogs who never had an opportunity to bloom because they were treated harshly.


→Did you know?  The urine emitted by a puppy urinating submissively advertises the puppy’s age so that other dogs know they’re dealing with a young puppy who just doesn’t know any better. This makes the older dogs more likely to accept these”unruly” behaviors compared to how they would react if they were dealing with an adult dog.

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