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Train Your Rottweiler: Mission Statement


With a plethora of training methods available nowadays, I have noticed that many books, CD’S, websites and seminars, address the topic of training dogs using a cookie-cutter approach that automatically becomes applicable to all dogs. However, with more than 300 recognized dog breeds in the world, mostly developed for carrying out breed-specific tasks, I find that a more detailed and complete training methodology, specific to a single dog breed, is much deserved.

It is only ultimately by thinking as a Rottweiler that a good training program can be outlined, paying particular attention to this breed’s inherited instincts and breed specific behaviors. A good trainer cannot train a dog bred to herd in the same way he or she trains a dog bred to follow scent, as these dogs were selectively bred for quite diverse tasks. The herding dog, therefore, may likely respond more readily to body movements, whereas the scent dog, may require a more intense training program since these dogs can be easily distracted by scent.

Rottweilers, are loving and loyal creatures, that have a great potential for being optimal companions, especially when bred well and placed in the right home. The breed is particularly eager to please and can be quite easy to train if only owners are capable of dedicating time in delivering clear and consistent instructions.  As a working breed, the Rottweiler has different needs than another breed bred for different purposes. This website’s training methods and behavior modification programs are made specifically for this breed and are arranged using an easy navigational system.

A good prospective Rottweiler owner should research well the breed to ensure he or she knows what to expect and prevent any heart breaking delusions. Learning where to find a good Rottweiler breeder and how to set this breed up for success is a must for anybody enamored with this charming black and tan companion.

Preventing behavioral problems instead of trouble shooting them is a strategy to avoid unwanted behaviors from putting roots and becoming more intrinsic to overcome. With a history as a working dog, it cannot be emphasized enough the importance of providing Rottweilers with sufficient exercise and mental stimulation.

Because I am owned by Rottweilers and know for a fact that I will not want to own any other dog breed in my life because to me this breed is the most loyal, loving, and intelligent, I have fully made a commitment to provide a very extensive training program that will hopefully help you live, bond, and grow with your loving canine companion.

Humans often tend to anthropomorphize their dogs attributing them human characteristics, but at times, it must be the other way around and we must therefore ”dogmorphomize” ourselves to better understand our canine companions. I hope this website turns helpful to many Rottweiler owners, best of luck and happy training!

Please note: all articles contained in this website are not to be used as a substitute for working with a professional. Behavior modification and training sometimes comes with risks. If your dog is exhibiting behavior problems, please consult with a professional specializing in positive training methods who can customize a training and behavior program based on your dog’s individual needs. By using this website, you automatically accept this disclaimer.