How Often Should Your Rottweiler Puppy be Taken Outside

There is one wonderful equation if you want to guesstimate how often should a puppy go outside…it is called “the month plus one rule. “You do not need to excel in mathematics to get a hang of it. Simply calculate how many months your Rottweiler puppy is and add the number one. This should give you a rough idea of how often your puppy can stay without going potty. So let’s say you got your puppy at eight week old, that is exactly 2 months.

Puppy Potty Training Chart

2 months plus 1= 3 hours, you should therefore take your puppy out every three hours
3 months plus 1=4 hours
4 months plus 1=5 hours
5 months plus 1=6 hours
6 months plus 1= 7 hours
7 months plus 1= 8 hours

You should therefore expect your puppy to be able to hold it overnight by six to seven months old. House-training a puppy is like potty training a child: some may get there earlier some later, but eventually everybody learns! The above puppy potty training chart chart therefore is a general guideline only, each dog is different and there are different scenarios. For instance, upon waking up, your Rottweiler puppy may be thirsty and drink more making his bladder full, or it could be he played a lot in warm weather and gulped down a lot of water at once.  After drinking so much, it’s normal for the puppy to need to potty earlier which may result in an accident if you don’t take notice.

→Did you know?  If your puppy has an accident, it’s important to use good products to clean up accidents. If your puppy is exposed to lingering smells where he had an accident before, he will likely go again assuming that that spot is the correct place for house soiling, therefore, it is fundamental to invest in products that ‘’eat up’’ traces of urine using enzymes. A good product is Nature’s Miracle.

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