Rottweiler Puppy Chewing Phase

All puppies go through the chewing phase, if you’re looking for solutions to stop Rottweiler puppy chewing, you’re at the right place.. This puppy chewing phase mostly takes place from the ages of six weeks to six months when teething takes place, but it doesn’t stop there. Most Rottweilers love to chew for a good part of their lives, but surviving puppy chewing means simply teaching your puppy what he can or cannot chew on. Rottweilers have powerful jaws, and therefore the amount of damage will be more evident than with a puppy of a smaller breed. Luckily, the major teething phase does not last forever even though it may seem like a very, long time.

There’s not much you can do to stop your Rottweiler puppy from chewing as this is a stage they go through, but there are many things you can do to help him make good choices as to what he can chew and cannot. Appropriate chew toys made specifically for puppies is a good place to start. Not all chew toys are made for puppies. Even though your Rottweiler puppy has sharp teeth, consider that chew toys made for adult dogs are too hard and can easily crack and fracture a tooth. Look for chew toys made specifically for puppies and read the fine lines where it may say ‘not suitable for puppies”.

Always keep an eye on your Rottweiler puppy when chewing any item: the risk for an intestinal obstruction is always there, and there is virtually no chew toy that is 100% safe. Also, never come home and scold your Rottweiler for chewing on your favorite pair of shoes, or a chair, or the carpet. It’s your job to keep those items away! There is no such thing as a dog chewing on your favorite items out of spite. Spite is an exclusive human feeling, and it is too complex for dogs to reason that way.

Dogs live simply in the present; if you come home and get mad at your puppy for chewing on your shoes hours ago, your puppy will not recall chewing that rug half hour ago! Instead, he or she will think you are mad for what she is doing that exact instant you are scolding her which may be something as innocent as looking at you, greeting you or just being calm! Your puppy will lose trust in you in the long run and see you as an unpredictable being that gets upset for no specific reason.

What to do if you get up and come back and catch your puppy chewing your shoes? Well, you left them, so it’s mostly your fault. In the dog world, when something is left unattended, it’s a sign that another dog can get free access to it. Scolding your puppy will likely confuse him. Instead, work on training a good leave it and drop it command and re-direct your puppy to chew on his toys.  Praise him when he makes good choices. Also, ask yourself, why your puppy thinks your shoes are more appealing than his chew toys.  Perhaps it’s time to get different chew toys or rotate them so to gain more interest. Chew toys that are flavored or that can be filled up with food, can make them more appealing than anything else.

→Did you know? Soaking several washcloths in water, squeezing them¸ twisting them or making knots with them and then placing them in the freezer may provide great comfort for those sore gums since they will numb the pain and provide relief whilst chewing on them.

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